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My Application

 1. Name: Emma
2. Age: 13
3. Straight/Bi/Gay?: Straight
4. Sex: Female
5. Status(pictures if u want): Single with lots of guy friends

1. Stores: Hollister, Old Navy (kinda), Hot Topic, A&F 
2. Music/Bands/Artists: Green Day, FOB and MCR
3. Movie: Star Wars, Mean Girls
4. Color: Black, Orange, Green
5. Hobbie/Sports: Dodgeball, IM, Singing
6. Animal: Monkies, Birds
7. Aim or Yahoo: AIM
8. Style: Unique yet a trend follower 
9. Candy: Wonka
10. Actor/Actress: That REALLY HOT guy from Firehouse dog and Zuthura
11. Shoes you wear: Flip Flops all the way

What do you think about:
1. Gay marriage: Let them marry who they want. None of my biz. 
2. The MODs: ? I'm new
3. Taco Bell: Uck. Disquisting.
4. Snakes: Misunderstood animals
5. Abortion: Your kid, your choice
6. Sk8ers and punks: Awesome friends SO fun to hang with. skater and surfer guys are sexy
7. Racism: Gross horrible and wrong. Many of my cousins are black.
8. Money: My BFF
9. Kmart: Ones where I live are to ghetto. You'll most likely get shot on entrance
10. Thrift Stores: For SHOES maybe...
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