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That Will Always Have Your Heart

im going to KILL lance


1. Name: Jade
2. Age: 14
3. Straight/Bi/Gay?: Straight
4. Sex: Female
5. Status(pictures if u want): Single because boys are idiots.


1. Stores: American Eagle, DEB, wet seal, rave
2. Music/Bands/Artists: xtina, Destiny's child, slipknot, Seether, Petey Pablo, Ludacris, Lil' Jon, Lacuna Coil, Evanescence... a variety
3. Movie:  Butterfly Effect, The Notebook, Thirteen, Napolean Dynomite
4. Color: PiiinK
5. Hobbie/Sports: Volleyball, hanging out, swimming, sleeping.
6. Animal: kittens :-D
7. Aim or Yahoo: Aim Bii0tch!
8. Style: Preppy?
9. Candy: Skiitles!!
10. Actor/Actress: i dont have a favorite
11. Shoes you wear: DC's (comfy) Adidas (cute)

What do you think about:
1. Gay marriage: It should be treated as equally a regular marriag.  You love who you love, and it's none of the governments business
2. The MODs: Lance is soo FUN!  and Jessica is a Sweetheart<3 i love them both!
3. Taco Bell:  yumm yumm.. mexican food.
4. Snakes: They are cool until they bite you ndinject poisonous venom into your skin.
5. Abortion: Even if you were raped it is still YOUR child.  It isnt the baby's fault you were raped, you shouldn't punish it.  At least give it up for adoption.
6. Sk8ers and punks:  They are awesome.  They are the nicest people you will ever know
7. Racism: I hate racists.. everybody should be treated equally no matter what skin color.. PLUS black guys are DAMN sexy!
8. Money: What do you think!?  I love it!!!  People say money doesnt buy happiness.. but.. thats a lie.
9. Kmart: They are good and cheap
10. Thrift Stores:  Again.. if it's cute i dont mind buying it out of a thrift store.. it's a million times cheaper.

PICTURES (3 or more):

I'm on the right

 on the left


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